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The Evergreen Pair of Lollywood

Mohammad Ali and Zeba

Muhammad Ali and ZebaWHAT MORE AFFINITY could any two stars ask for than being introduced in the same film together. Mohammad Ali and Zeba began their careers from intellectual and film director, Fazal Karim Fazli's much discussed film of 1962, Charagh Jalta Raha. Though they were not the hero and heroine of the film, they had both come from Karachi. Mohammad Ali had been working at Radio Hyderabad, along with Mustafa Qureishi, but was picked up for the film from Karachi. Similarly, Fazli Sahab's father, famous poet and script-writer, Hakeem Ahmed Shuja contacted Zeba from Karachi, where she was known as Shaheen. Both the stars were highly trained and well-versed in the disciplines that were needed in media.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 25 @ 12:40:04 EDT (2433 reads) (Read More... | 2463 bytes more | Score: 0)

Noor Jahan And Ejaz

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Noor Jahan and EjazWHEN NOOR JAHAN came down from India with her well-known director husband, Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, she had a brilliant records of celluloid exploits to her name. She was hailed as a future diva as a song-thresh by none other than Mukhtar Begum; she acted as Baby Noor Jahan in films, and she grew up to be the finest singer-actress of the early Indian Talkies of the Forties. Her celebrated hubby had seen her grow into a Paras Pat-thar, which made her co-stars superstars. Khandan was the film that brought these two highly talented people together, and they married soon. But, when they came to Pakistan, their attraction signals soon started getting weak. The reason, that's what Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi says in his book, was that Noor Jahan was always getting romantically linked with her heroes, including Ajay Kumar (Dupatta), Jahangir Khan (Chan Ve), who was Shamil Khan's father, Santosh Kumar (Intezar) etc. So, after the Nazar Mohammad (cricketer Mudassar Nazar's father) episode, which gave the afore-mentioned a lame leg, Noor Jahan and Shaukat Rizvi were divorced. Shaukat Rizvi married another famous film actress, Yasmin, and they lived happily ever after. However, when Noor Jahan married a second time, with the handsome young man, Ejaz Durrani, a similar scenario wasn't to be!

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 25 @ 12:23:49 EDT (3018 reads) (Read More... | 2871 bytes more | Score: 0)

Hard times in Lollywood
Articles LollywoodAccording to Mahmood Butt, the executive producer and 41-year veteran of Evernew Studios, Lahore's sole functioning film studio, the Pakistani government's decision last year to ease a 43-year ban on screening Indian films sounded the death knell for the city's cinema industry.

Known collectively as "Lollywood", two decades ago 11 studios averaged a production schedule of roughly 120 films per year, with cinemagoers filling the more than 1,700 theatres across the country. Today, Evernew struggles to produce 30 films for less than 200 decaying venues.

"Indian films are made with budgets of millions," Butt says. "Ours are only about 100,000 Pakistani rupees (Dh4,600). We cannot compete. The number of Lollywood films being made is decreasing due to investment loss because only two or three films a year ever make a profit. Otherwise, they nearly all screen at a loss.

Posted by Admin on Saturday, March 21 @ 14:06:43 EDT (1739 reads) (Read More... | 7183 bytes more | Score: 0)

Interview: The GIRL NEXT DOOR - Fiza Ali
Interviews Fiza AliFiza Ali came on the scene some five years ago. It was her trim figure and tall, slender frame that had people perpetually advising her to opt for modeling, which she finally did. After doing quite a few still shoots and television commercials she decided to dabble in acting. And to her surprise she had a ball during the production of the TV serial she was featured in. Her girl-next-door persona made her an instant hit with the masses. The girl was hooked for good and so we saw her appear in many a TV drama.
Recently, the girl tied the knot and is now happily settled in Lahore.
Here, Fiza shares with us her style fundas.

Posted by Admin on Friday, March 20 @ 19:35:46 EDT (4506 reads) (Read More... | 2297 bytes more | Interview | Score: 2.5)

Lollywood Hot Favourite - Shafqat Cheema
Biography Shafqat CheemaWHEN FILM BUFFS in Pakistan talk about screen villainy, Mazhar Shah is way up there in their estimations, who was a terror for the Lollywood hero in the late Fifties and early Sixties. It was his loud slogan, called barhak in Punjabi that hit the cinema halls like bombs, and the booming decibel delighted the audiences in a period known for the feudal lords and their tyranny. Another man, whose character roles became legendary in his life time, was Alauddin, the Awami Adakar. He is known for playing a striking variety of roles. I mentioned these two famous artistes in order to make a point that Shafqat Cheema, despite the paucity of roles in local cinema today, imbibes the styles of both the celebrated actors of Pakistan!
Today, Shafqat Cheema is truly an awami adakar, and people look out for his antics whenever his new film is screened. Unfortunately, today, we are too commercial and cheap to work on scripts that need an actor to test himself on a film screen. Cheema is a great fan of Alauddin, and watches his films to learn to use his expressions and gestures. He showed how much he had learnt from his study in Syed Noor's film, Chooriyan, where he did a role that was quite different from his usual one-dimensional portrayals. Similarly, he performed quite well in Mehndiwaley Hath.
Now, Shafqat Cheema has been invited by an Indian film producer, Iqbal Dhillon to act in his Punjabi film, Baba Ram Raheem Singh, in East Punjab. With the current popularity of Akshay's Singh is King, it seems that Indian film-makers are inclined to make more movies on Sikh personalities. Of course, BRRS is going to be a very different film to the typically commercial ventures. It is focusing on the humanitarian aspects of the religion. This is what makes Shafqat Cheema's inclusion as the leading character in the film so important. The director of the film, Radhey Sethi says that he had been watching Pakistani Punjabi films, and he liked Shafqat Cheema's versatility so much that he called him, and asked him to do this role in his film. The other cast of the film will be from Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.
Shafqat Cheema is one of the busiest actors in Lollywood these days. He is working in Punjabi, Urdu and Pushto films. Recently, he has signed a Pushto film, Zalmi da Pakhtoonkhwa, which has Asif Khan and Shahid Khan in important roles. So, Cheema is really a people's actor.

Posted by Admin on Friday, March 20 @ 19:22:37 EDT (3326 reads) (Read More... | Score: 0)

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