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Friendship and Controversy!


"I KNOW THOSE ill-wishers of mine, who would try to put hurdles in my way to make me look awkward," Nargis said last week. "But, I am determined to ride this tide to better prospects in the future." Maybe, some weeks from now, things will be on a different keel.

Nargis says she has been banned from performing for some months, "because some people cannot digest my friendship with Khushbu!"

Got it? No? Well, itís nothing like the Motion Picture Sisters Union or something. It concerns the famous theatre play Nargis and Khushbu are doing together. "People saw the possibilities of a feud between me and Khushbu, because both of us have prominent roles in the play, and any small grievance can become a storm in these times. So, these back-biters were waiting for a single hitch in the play to make a mountain out of a molehill. But suddenly, they were stymied by the news that Khushbu and I have joined hands in friendship behind the stage, providing an example for the public that there is no such thing as professional jealousy if two people are open-minded and sincere. NargisUnfortunately," Nargis paused, and said, adding emphasis, "this friendship of two actresses lit the fuse under these ill-advised people. And this prompted them to approach the authorities to put a 2-month ban on me from doing theatre!"

To cut a long story short (I think itís a lost cause now!), when Nargis and Khushbu were signed together in a theatre play, opponents were expecting some fireworks between them, and early shows did make things a bit humid. But, soon, better sense prevailed, and both girls mended fences with a garam japphi! Now, the jaalus party, having been stumped by this truce of the babes, struck through the intervention of the bureaucracy. However, insiders say that Nargis has great clout with the bureaucracy, and she could easily waive off this ban, as she did sometime ago, when she pulled such vital switches that the ban was lifted within one day. The insiders say that she is just playing along because she is pregnant, and wants to rest till the delivery, and then come back!

Sheesh! We have heard of a pregnant silence, but this is the first time one hears of a pregnant ban!

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 12 @ 11:40:23 EDT (3088 reads) (Read More... | Score: 4)

News: Pervez Productions closed..!
News M. Pervez And M. AkramAfter more than 40 years successful film business, one of the most prominent film production company in Pakistan e has closed its office at Royal Park Lahore. M. Pervez was producer and M. Akram was film director of many super hit Punjabi movies in the 1960-80s. Banki Naar (1966) was their first hit film. Pakistan's first diamond jubilee film Khan Chacha in 1972 was also one of their super hit film. Tere Ishq nachay (1969), Charhda Suraj (1970), Sultan (1972), Sidha Rasta and Ishq mera naa (1974), Shaan (1982) and Chorun Qutab (1983) were some of their big movies.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 12 @ 11:12:27 EDT (942 reads) (Read More... | News | Score: 0)

News: Megha for ban on vulgar songs
News MeghaMegha, who is playing the lead role in the serial, laid stress on slapping ban on vulgar songs, saying that more than 80 percent of the menace could be flushed out with this ban. She said 'Chandni' would not only depict serious issue but also provide comic entertainment to its viewers. Shahzab Mirza also backed Megha's viewpoint to curb vulgarity and obscenity from the theatre plays to revive the real culture of stage.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 11 @ 05:59:08 EDT (3628 reads) (Read More... | News | Score: 3.5)

News: Shahzab Mirza to produce Chandni
News Shahzab MirzaShahzab Mirza, a noted stage and television actor, has been producing a drama serial titled 'Chandni' highlighting domestic problems, including property issues. The play is scheduled to be telecast on a private Pujabi television by April.

Altaf Qamar is directing the 26-episode play staring Megha, Baber Ali, Nadia Chaudhry, Shahzab Mirza, Sanam Nazi, Sardar Kamal, Tariq Tedi, Sapna, Rabia Durrani and Javed Kodu. The recording for about 17 episodes has been completed while the rest shots were underway.

Shahzab Mirza started his career from the stage 16 years ago. Later, he joined the TV world where he demonstrated his acting skills in 'Aashiana' - one of the popular television serial run on the state-run channel, the Pakistan Television (PTV) - recognising his talent in the filed of art and giving him fame besides 'Bulandi' and 'Tehzeeb.'

Shahzab Mirza - the 15-year experienced actor-turn-producer - said he was inspired by renowned producer, Mohammad Nafees, and decided to storm production apparently to turn out a good piece of entertainment reflecting the petty issues with comic giggles.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 11 @ 05:44:44 EDT (1128 reads) (Read More... | News | Score: 0)

News: Megha to fulfil desire to be zero size
News MeghaMegha has got the assistance of, Mahjabeen, a noted beautician to build her looks as Megha is busy recording her shots for TV serials and films.

Megha said that she (Mahjabeen) has been assisting her for bettering her looks, as the actress has been engaged in recording her shots for TV plays and the upcoming films.

She has been performing in 'Payal Say Gungu Tak", directed by Irfan Khan. The play, staring Megha, Akram Dass and Payal Ch, has been produced by Tenveer Khan.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 11 @ 05:36:34 EDT (1161 reads) (Read More... | News | Score: 0)

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