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News: Khulay Asman Kay Neechay to be released in July
News Sana in Khulay Asman Kay NeechayActor and director Javed Sheikh is going to release his new film "Khulay Asman Kay Neechay" on 4th of July. Javaid Sheikh said the rumours of delay in the release of the movie were spread by his opponents.

He said the preparations for release were at their peak while a web portal of the movie was also under construction.

According to him those were same people who were favouring release of Indian movies in Pakistan.

He also told that censor board had passed the movie while its premier show would be held on 1st of July.

Posted by Admin on Saturday, June 07 @ 13:11:40 EDT (1947 reads) (Read More... | News | Score: 5)

first super star action film hero of Lollywood
Articles Sudhir With Noor JahanSudhir was Pakistan's first super star action film hero. He was very successful in both Urdu and Punjabi films. He had a long film career of 38 years and appeared mainly in main roles in films. His first film was before partition, New Hindustan Film's released Farz was directed by Narijan and the heroine was Ragni.

In Pakistan, he was hero of the third released film Hachkolay in 1949. Daud Chand was director and Najma was heroine. Sudhir's last film was Son of AnnDaata in 1987. He appeared in a total number of 173 films, 70 Urdu, 101 Punjabi, one Pashto and one Indian (or before partition) film. Here are some

Posted by Admin on Friday, June 06 @ 14:35:57 EDT (3750 reads) (Read More... | 4492 bytes more | Score: 5)

Interview: Shabnam
Interviews ShabnamNo one word can even begin to describe the Lollywood diva that was Shabnam. Talented and extremely down-to-earth, there was and still is an overpowering aura about her that takes a firm hold on anyone meeting her, or speaking to her for that matter, for the very first time.

Blame her screen image and the fact that Shabnam ruled the Pakistan film industry for over three decades - or simply the fact that like all great personalities she is humility personified.

It was very painful when the majestic star who ruled people's hearts across Pakistan suddenly disappeared from the silver screen. And there has hardly been any news of her ever since. One assumed that she probably wanted it that way. The fact is that Shabnam left Pakistan for Bangladesh not for greener pastures, as contrary to expectations, but to be with her family.

Posted by Admin on Friday, June 06 @ 13:58:38 EDT (2564 reads) (Read More... | 10863 bytes more | Interview | Score: 0)

Announcing Coke Studio
Articles Coke Studio promos running on television channels are preparing us for the most ambitious musical project to be taken on in Pakistan. A bit of what Coke Studio is has seen its way into print already, but for the serious music aficionado, nothing will compare to seeing this phenomenon on television, or better yet, holding the Coke Studio Sessions CD in their hands. This brainchild of Rohail Hyatt uses the musical talents of people as diverse our pop artistes like Strings and Ali Zafar, rock stars like Ali Azmat and alternative acts like Sajid and Zeeshan, rock stalwarts like Gumby on drums, Omran Shafique on lead guitars and Mannu on bass and throws them together with maestros like Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullo and Tufail Shaikh. And these sessions were recorded live with back up from Baloch lewa musicians, Abdul Lateef and company. It's the first time I think in Pakistan that someone has managed to bring these influences together on such a mammoth scale. Rohail Hyatt had the vision to do it and Coke had the muscle to back him. And in doing so, one can see the makings of an event that has a similar kind of hold over the public imagination that the Lux Style Awards have come to exercise ever since they were conceived at the turn of the millennium.

Note: By Muniba Kamal

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, June 04 @ 17:25:13 EDT (6166 reads) (Read More... | 8388 bytes more | Score: 5)

News: Sapahi Maqbool Hussain fails to craft real Pak-forces image
PTV dramasThe number of PTV dramas and serials produced by ISPR in collaboration with private Productions proved block busters at small screen including "Nishaan e Hyder" series plays, "Sunahray Din" and "Alfa Bravo Charlie", not only attracting the large viewer ship but also facilitating the stars with great deal of popularity. At present as the standards of PTV dramas and serials are losing viewer ship the effects of the decline are also visible on the ISPR productions as well, where the image of Pakistani Armed forces is shown either very week or injected with the glimpse of some super natural powers.

In the current ISPR production "Sapahi Maqbool Hussain" that was expected to be very successful, a number of flaws have affected its popularity badly. In the play Pakistani forces were portrayed more a clone instead of a regular army with most of the characters posing their roles as busy in attempt to create humour or going for funny gestures. While on the other hand, the enemy forces were reflected lacking the basic training skills as in one of the scene the enemy guards deployed to safeguard one bridge were shown laying with the support of said bridge and Pakistani troops easily fixing explosives there. The critiques have pointed out that said kind of things just gave an impression that the production was made by inexperienced persons which were unaware of the warlike situations.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, June 04 @ 16:43:27 EDT (2215 reads) (Read More... | 2979 bytes more | News | Score: 5)

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