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News: Sonya Battla goes to Lahore
News Karachi's most lauded contemporary designer has flown her spring/summer collection to the historical city for a test exhibition at The Boulevard
Aamna Haider Isani

Designer Sonya Battla has spread her wings and has taken her spring/summer collection, currently available at her flagship store on Zamzama (Karachi), to Lahore. It may seem like the natural thing for any designer to do but amazingly, this is the first time her label will be available in Lahore, ever. The exhibition that started yesterday (Wednesday) will go on at The Boulevard (10 Q, Gulberg) until Saturday.

Posted by Admin on Friday, March 14 @ 00:54:31 EDT (2066 reads) (Read More... | 4747 bytes more | News | Score: 0)

Those were the Daysays
Articles Eastern film studios in the sixties and the very early seventies were a place to visit. With two large floors and huge open spaces, it pulsated with filmmaking activities. The Karachi studios when it when into operations in the late fifties boasted of modern equipment, but with the passage of time and financial losses the cameras, lenses, lights and recording equipment could not be updated.

However, in the mid-sixties it could boast of several hits that were made on its floors, the most notable being the country’s first platinum jubilee movie Armaan, starring the delectable pair of those years, Zeba and Waheed Murad. But the numbers of films made in a year were not enough to turn the studio into profit-making venture. By the mid-sixties, Nayyar Sultana, Shamim Ara, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Zeba and Deeba had shifted to Lahore, but the ones who came to the limelight later and remained in Karachi for

many years included Waheed Murad and a number of character artistes. Shabnam, when she shifted from the former East wing along with her husband the talented composer Robin Ghosh, rented a house on Tariq Road. The two-storied building is still there but it now houses one of the establishments run by the Edhi Trust. Shabnam built a house in PECHS, a part of which was rented out to late Ilyas Rasheedi, the owner of Nigar weekly. While in Lahore, Shabnam and Robin stayed at Hotel Ambassador, where they had a suite reserved for them. Coming back to eastern film studios, the one thing which lingers in my memory were the evenings Waheed Murad, director Pervez Malik, writer Masroor Anwar and, every so often, composer Sohail Rana used to spent on the lawns and talk endlessly about films and film craft. I was an occasional participant too. Waheed was very fond of music, a subject which was often discussed, that was when we weren’t discussing English literature.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 13 @ 01:27:09 EDT (1593 reads) (Read More... | 6476 bytes more | Score: 0)

Articles Suroon ki malka Madam Noor Jehan, after remaining hospitalized for almost a month at the Aga Khan University Hospital, was finally discharged on October 10. Prior to her departure she held a press conference in the doctor’s lounge amidst strict security.

NOOR JAHANThe press conference, which was schedule for 5 pm started as hour late. When Noor Jehan, attired in a light-turqouise Shalwar Kameez was wheeled into the lounge area, she received standing ovation from all those who were gathered there. Although she looked frail and pallid, she certainly lightened up the gloomy surroundings with her presence a those famous egg sized diamond rings which entwined her fingers. Her solah saala giggly laughter and pouty gesture utterly belied the critical condition she was in just a couple of days back. Also present in the room was her immediate family, which included daughters Hina, Shazia (flanked by hubby Hassan Sardar) and Shaan’s soon-to-be bride Tinna. The sweet little thing Acchi, Madam’s man Friday, also made his (or her) presence felt amidst the onlookers suppressed giggles... The proceedings were conducted under the close scrutiny of Dr Attauallah khan, the renowned cardiologist who proved to be a true messaiah for the Melody Queen. Addressing the conference, Madame thanked the entire staff of the hospital, especially the nurses and the doctors. She was overcome with emotion when she thanked her physician, Dr Atttauallah, for pulling her out of her critical condition. She also thanked Allah for granting her a new lease on life. Noor Jehan said that her visit to London was on her daughter’s request for a change of whether and it had nothing to do with her treatment. She contradicted news of her visit to the Cromwell Hospital. She went there thrice during her stay but it was to visit the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 13 @ 01:02:14 EDT (2110 reads) (Read More... | 2780 bytes more | Score: 1)

Vaudeville Siren in Lollywood called Nargis
Articles NargisI first met Nargis on the set of Altaf Hussain’s Yeh Dooriyan a year ago. When she and Reema were discussing some funny incident and laughing like mad. The lavish set of the film was full of stars, but none looked as stunning as Nargis. She was trying in vain, to dance freely in a Gharara which is not easy task, of course. During that endeavor, the stiletto heel of her shoe caught one of the Gharara and a part of the cloth was torn off. As a new dress was being sought for the lovely girl, she sat down on a sofa and talked whisperingly with Reema, on her shooting schedule. After a while the good-looking Lollywood director Masood Butt joined her. He was trying to convince her for a role in his movie.

Although I had little time on my hand I couldn’t properly talk to Nargis on her films. I was convinced after watching the shooting that given good roles, she is a surefire hit item.

Unlike actresses like Madiha Shah, Sana, Laila and others, Nargis has real talent for expressive acting. It’s sad that females like Nargis are dismissed as just gloss objects. Those who saw the beauty in Idrees Khan’s Aalmi Ghunde, in a pivotal role of a lady head of the state (playing a role like Benazir), are convinced that Nargis fitted perfectly in the role.

Unfortunately, while the script was brilliant by Nasir Adeeb, director Idrees Khan seemed to have little idea about what sort of grandeur was needed for such a strong theme. But Nargis impressed. In a flowing, shining robe, sitting on regal chair, she looked the queen of all she surveyed. After that sort of role, Nargis hardly got a role to test her skills. I have a feeling that if her film with Faisal Qureshi, called Saza, had not been delayed, it would have given Nargis a pedestal to stardom. Unfortunately, roles like in Kuri Munda Razi and Kala Raj have type-casted her and she has suffered in her reputation as a solo star.

Recently, I heard that Nargis gave the sacrifice of her cascading hair to do a most unusual role of a bald woman for Omar Sharif’s Chand Babu! That role can lift Nargis to big things, but only if she consistently performs in good movies. Her vampish role has seriously sidelined her as a top heroine. I have heard that she disclosed her Chand Babu role to the newsmen, which agreed the makers of the film because they wanted to surprise the public.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 13 @ 00:46:15 EDT (2245 reads) (Read More... | 5223 bytes more | Score: 0)

Rumya leaves Pollywood and Lollywood

One of the prettier actresses in the Pakistan film industry Lollywood, Rumya has left it. According to Rumya she cannot survive in the dirty atmosphere of Lollywood and that rumya was exactly why she left Pollywood, the Pushto film industry.

Rumya says that acting runs in her blood and she is made for it, but the film industry was using it as a sex symbol and she was unable to show her mettle in the realm of acting. She more added that she is perfect for the lead role in the drama serials and many private channels have offered her a lead role.

Posted by Admin on Sunday, March 09 @ 03:12:07 EDT (1602 reads) (Read More... | 735 bytes more | Score: 2)

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